Charity – Gulen inspired Relief Organizations

Gulen inspired relief organization “Kimse Yok Mu?” delivering food to people in need


Gulen movement aims to create a real and lasting change for people in need all over the world by extending a helping hand to them regardless of their race, religion or color.

“There is no limit to doing good to others. Those who have dedicated themselves to the good of humanity can be so altruistic that they live for others. However, such altruism is a great virtue only if it originates in sincerity and purity of intention, and if it does not define the others by racial preferences.”

Fethullah Gulen, Pearls of Wisdom

The Gulen-inspired relief organization “Kimse Yok Mu” (meaning “Isn’t Anybody There?”) is one of the largest and most effective in Turkey. It aims to bring aid to disaster victims and other needy people in Turkey and around the world. Having created new fundraising techniques, the organization raised considerable funds for the victims of the Tsunami in south-east Asia, the floods in Bangladesh, and the earthquakes in Pakistan, Peru, and Haiti. Kimse Yok Mu built around 20 schools in those countries after the catastrophes. The organization brings poverty aid and medical assistance to many African countries every year.

There are several Gulen-inspired relief organizations in Canada and  United States. Northern Lights established in Ottawa, Canada in 2013, aims to create real and lasting change for people in need in Canada and around the world. It is dedicated to providing relief to disaster victims and the poor, and to helping people prevent, prepare for, and respond to needs and emergencies. Helping Hands Relief Foundation is another relief organization, established in New Jersey in 2008.

There are also several hospitals in Turkey founded by Gulen-inspired entrepreneurs and doctors. These high-tech modern hospitals provide top-notch care in an atmosphere that respects the patients as human beings, and provide sponsorship for economically disadvantaged citizens.