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As Ergenekon trial nears end

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10 December 2012.
by Ekrem Dumanlı, Today’s Zaman.

As the case against a clandestine organization nested within the state trying to manipulate and overthrow the democratically elected government is nearing its end, pro-Ergenekon groups have stepped up their efforts to discredit the lawsuit, creating confusion in the minds of people and distorting facts. Those who were complaining about the “lengthy trial processes” or “the arrests being used to penalize the defendants” are now in a hurry. They hold press conferences and show up on TV to say, “The trial is being conducted hurriedly.” However, there are hundreds of documents of evidence in the case files of the Ergenekon trial. Meanwhile, they resorted once again to a specific type of black propaganda campaign which they once used to try and discredit the Ergenekon trial, but failed. Thus, they attempt to defame Fethullah Gülen, a well-respected Turkish-Islamic scholar, by bringing back onto the agenda a trite accusation which had been voiced many times before in connection with Tuncay Güney in the past, which had been refuted. They should not beat around the bush. The place to settle accounts is in court.

Meanwhile, the main opposition party’s tough test with Ergenekon continues. The Republican People’s Party (CHP) is unable to make up its mind. On one hand, the party exhibits democratic reflexes but on the other, it cannot or does not take steps to change the party’s “pro-coup” image. Last week, the party’s leader criticized a “former Maoist” group, saying: “When did you emerge as Atatürkist? Weren’t you pro-Apo [an abbreviation used for jailed PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan]?” But, several days later, he partnered with that group to visit Silivri prison. What urges the CHP to partner with a shady “former Maoist and pro-Apo” group?